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Air/Oil Filtration and Lubrication Accessories  

Sullube Synthetic Lubricant

Nothing is better for your compressor than Sullube!  A true polyglycol synthetic oil, it will not only run your compressor cooler but clean it as well. 

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Champlub Reciprocating Oils

 Champlube reciprocating compressor oil is the best lubricant for your Champion compressor! 
Available in quarts or gallons and in cases of both.

Champion Oil-Water Separator

Champion's new EnviroChamp2 unit is designed for 50, 100 & 250 CFM of condensate management. US Federal law states air compressor
 condensate must be
less than 40ppm to go "down the drain".

Inline Filtration & Accessories

Parker is a leading supplier of inline filtration accesories to treat your shop air.  From coalescers & particulate filters to lubricators and regulators.

Air Receivers & Tanks

Suppliers of the highest quality AMSE Code Section 8 pressure vessels, Manchester is one of the worlds largest supplier of ASME  Code storage air receivers.