New Mexico - Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps 

VX Series Rotary Lobe

The VX HiFlo Q series is their standard design and works well in most applications requiring a positive displacement pump.

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X-Ripper Twin Channel Grinder

  in a tight space and barely have room to install a macerator, let alone service and maintain it. The XRP is what you need.  A drop-in replacement for a well known, popular shredder.

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Rota-Cut In-Line Macerator

It effectively reduces solids to specific size requirements and reduces the costs associated with the operation of downstream equipment. Features include Auto Reverse, Auto Cut Control, Self sharpening blades.

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BioCut Feed Systems

Specifically for biogas plants, its good shredding and homogenisation of the mashed organic suspension in the mashing or hydrolysis tank significantly improves the effectiveness of biogas generation.

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Vacuum Sewage Disposal

Vacuum disposal for the waste water and hygienic sector they are increasingly proving to be an environmentally friendly and cost- saving alternative for use on ships, in vehicles and buildings. Saves water and is eco-friendly.

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Technical Service & Downloads

If your Vogelang product is not performing to its designed capacity, call us, your local dealer, right away. We're here to help!

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